Juan L. Gomez-Perales

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Current Artwork - New Directions
2005 - Present

Recently my artistic research has been directed towards both historical and contemporary theoretical physics, astronomy and cosmology. I have come to recognize that theoretical physicists and artists can share a similar creative methodology as well as an acknowledgment in the role of aesthetics in their respective work. My interest in the aesthetics of science is certainly linked to the body of work represented by The Hunger of the Starlings, and by the end of that period I was spending almost as much time in the chemistry lab and at the still as I did in the studio.

My attraction to physics and astronomy was initially fueled by three things; seeing Saturn's rings in a backyard telescope, recognizing a sense of beauty in Johannes Kepler's third law and by acknowledging an affinity with the second law of thermodynamics. But it was really after reading Galileo's Dialogue Concerning The Two Chief World Systems that I felt that I had found a change in direction for my work.

Theorectical physics describes some very complex ideas, much of which can never be "seen". It is these concepts that form my inspiration as an artist. The following examples reflect some of the ideas I am currently working with.

Juan L. Gomez-Perales

The Quadrivium Series

Princess and the P
Preliminary Sketch for Jovian Teaparty
Geodetic Rotational Displacement GRD091
Geodetic Rotational Displacement GRD093
Geodetic Rotational Displacement GRD101
Geodetic Rotational Displacement GRD151

Massive Split-Brane: Gauge Poetic
Plankscape - schematic - Bosonic WaltZ
Salviati: Impetus of Whirling
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