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Artist: Juan L. Gomez-Perales
Title: GRD151
Date: 2015
Media: geodetic rotational displacement drawing
Significant dimensions: 7244.486 km x 5 hrs. 35 min. 7 sec..
Geodetic rotational displacement drawings are four-dimensional drawings scribed by the gesture of the earth’s rotation. The drawing principle is based on the concept of a worldline, as described by theoretical physics. While the lines scribed by the objects are invisible to us in three-dimensional space, in four dimensions they extrude, solidify (although transparent) and interact with each other. In this work, the worldline of the black sphere presented in the Scientificous exhibition at the Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati Ohio, as viewed in four-dimensional space, is extruded and passes through the worldline of the Embalse de Escalona Dam southwest of Valencia, Spain. The time it takes for the sphere to engage the same space that the dam previously occupied is just over 5 ½ hours.