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by Bryan Sentes
Brownian motion originally refers to the random motion observed under microscope of a pollen immersed in water. Einstein pointed out that this motion is caused by random bombardment of (heat excited) water molecules on the pollen. Modern theory calls it a stochastic process. An approximation (discretization) of the 2 dimentional Brownian motion can be described as a "drunken man wandering around the square". More precisely, each of his steps (in both x- and y- directions) are independent normal random variables. In fact this is what the simulation is performing. The path he follows is continuous but nowhere differentiable. A stochastic readwriting of a given text, for example, Robert Browning's "The Grammarian's Funeral", is prima facie obvious.

Originally Published in:
The Hunger of the Starlings - The Artwork of Juan L. Gomez-Perales
2004, Dawson College, ISBN: 1-55016-809-6

Juan Gomez-Perales has collaborated with Canadian poet Brian Sentes on a number of creative projects. Below is a recording of a performance of Sentes' poem Reasons Why, with Juan Gomez-Perales accompanying him on electric guitar, recorded live in Montreal on Jan 18th 2007, as part of the Atwater Poetry Project.
It was later performed at the Montreal Words and Music Festival at La Sala Rosa.

The poem Reasons Why was originally published in :
Ladonian Magnitudes
by Brian Sentes
2006, DC Books
ISBN-10: 1-897190-11-5
Copyright © 2004 by Juan L. Gomez-Perales