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Gomez-Perales, Reflux, left Gomez-Perales, Reflux, right
Artist: Juan L. Gomez-Perales
Title: Packaging The Lines Into Files
Date: 1991
Media: digital internet artwork
This work was part of the REFLUX project of the Sao Paulo Biennial in 1991/92. Twenty-four nodes from around the world participated in this, the first major international Internet art project. The Montreal node was coordinated by Juan Gomez-Perales and included Jody Berland, David Thomas, Lorna Mulligan, Sara Morley and Kate McDonnell.
"Reflux aims to install a decentralized interchange of aesthetic discourses through telecommunication networks. Reflux is designed to operate as an open system, an architecture of interconnected channels allowing full participation for each creative team."

"Reflux, as a project, provides only a structured network of participating teams connected through commonly shared telecommunication media and coordinated by a sequence of dates for interchanges."

"A sequence of interchanges will provide for the exercise of fluxes and refluxes, propagating pulses and impulses of information."

"The implemented network will act as an instrument for collective symbolic production reflecting the voice of a community scattered throughout the planet"

Quotes by: Artur Matuck, REFLUX Coordinator
Sao Paolo Biennial, 1991/92
Sao Paolo, Brazil