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Gomez-Perales, Consensus
Artist: Juan L. Gomez-Perales
Title: Consensus
Date: 1989
Media: mixed media
Dimensions: installation
"The electonic component in Gomez-Perales' installation, CONSENSUS, is not so much interactive as intrusive. A contemplative environment with a comfortable slightly worn armchair, separated from the everyday environment by a raised platform, is frequently disturbed by four rather menacing wire-frame humanoids with naked ancient radios for guts, issuing a cacophony of sound at the slightest encouragement of the participant. The contemplative situation becomes tense, since the slightest movement of the armchair's occupant brings interruption and interference from the mindless 'beings' that populate this island of indifference. The photograph on the wall of men standing crowded together in a tiny enclosure, invading each other's space and preventing any private psychological domain that might have developed, invites study by its enigmatic presence. As part of the "outisde" world, it is a puzzle, easily read figuratively, yet difficult to interpret conceptually."
Dale Amundson
Exhibition Curator, 1989
Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue:
Beyond Electronics
Gallery 111, Winnipeg, 1989
ISBN: 0-921958-03-X