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Gomez-Perales, So, What have you been up to?
Artist: Juan L. Gomez-Perales
Title: So, What Have You Been Up To?
Date: 1987
Media: wood, steel, two-way mirror, acrylic, switches, lights, wires
Dimensions: 3.230 x .530 x 1.930 M
"... So What Have You Been Up To? explores the social predicament of encountering someone you feel you must stop to talk to, although at the moment you really have nothing to say. The participants step up to an electronic panel and view each other through a mylar covered acrylic panel of human shape. ...the panel both mirrors and reveals at the same time. The viewers attention is drawn to the panel on which are provided a choice of the usual hackneyed expressions one hears in an encounter of this kind. As the viewer choses one of the phrases it lights up on the other's panel, eliciting a response. Inevitably, both participants leave the platform with that familiar dissonant feeling of having had an unsatisfactory interaction with another person. "
Ruth Gregory
Exhibition Curator, 1988
Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue:
Juan L. Gomez-Perales - Beyond Formalities
Gallery 111, Winnipeg, 1988